Canada / Student / she/her

Discord: G123u#8555
[email protected]


I primarily go by Rozen or G123u online. Age >18
Female Asian-American student in Canada, studying at the University of Western Ontario. I spend too much time on the computer but at least it means I'm highly proficient with it (laughs).

Freelance Translator
(Mandarin/Fujian Dialect, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, English, French)

Basic Graphicswork (Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat)
Basic Video Editing (Sony Vegas, Adobe Audition)
Accounting (GAAP, IFRS)
Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel)
Basic Knowledge in HTML, CSS

Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 10 Completion in Piano
Associate (ARCT) Theory Certificate
Intermediate Skill Level in Flute, Clarinet Performance
Advanced Vocal Training (Choral)